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Corporate culture

Cultural Transformation  Programme

This is a venture from a high entropy culture reinforced by blame, confusion and manipulation to a high-performing, values-driven organisation with high level of trust, employees’ engagement and innovation.

When a culture provides employees with all they need to feel safe, to belong and feel valued, they are happy to commit their energy and bring passion and creativity to their work.


Leadership training, Cultural transformation training

“Every excellent company we studied is clear on what it stands for, it takes the process of value shaping seriously. In fact, we wonder whether it is possible to be an excellent company without clarity on values and without having the right sorts of values."

                Tom Peters and Robert H.Waterman, JR (In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies.1982)

Cultural Transformation Programme


This programme involves using Cultural Transformation Tools, in particular Cultural Values Assessment and Leadership Values Assessment, followed by a feedback session, group facilitation, training and coaching support.

The focus is on understanding what works in an organisation and what does not, identifying the key performance indicators and how the values, mission and vision are aligned along with subsequent strategies to then create a high-performing culture.

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82% of Deloitte survey respondents believe that

culture is a potential competitive advantage.

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