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Individual Values Assessment

Individual Values Assessment (IVA) gives you a clear picture of your values, who you are, what you hold dear, what upsets you, and what underlies your decisions. It also shows how aligned you are with the culture and values of your organisation, how well you connect with your organisation and the work you do.

In combination with Coaching it gives profound insights on what changes are necessary  to find personal fulfilment at work. 

Individual Values Assessment.png
IVA Business Score Cards.png

These two simple graphics will show what important to you (your values), what values you currently experience in the organisation you work and how you want to see the organisation in which you work or want to work.

Individual Values Assessment is one of the Cultural Transformation Tools developed by Richard Barrett Values Center .

Being a certified CTT Consultant, I will guide you through the Assessment process, delivering feedback and coaching sessions to support your personal transformation.

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