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These two simple graphics will show how you believe you show up and how others perceive you as well as demonstrate at which level of leadership consciousness you put more emphasis and where you have gaps.

Additional reports will describe what works well and what requires attention and how your perception of leadership style defers from the perception of your colleagues. 

Leadership Values Assessment is one of the Cultural Transformation Tools developed by Richard Barrett Values Center .

Being a certified CTT Consultant, I guide leaders through the Assessment process, delivering feedback and coaching sessions to support leadership transformation


Leadership Values Assessment

Leadership Values Assessment (LVA) is a feedback to a leader about the way they communicate their values, about what others appreciate about them and about what they need to improve to become a truly inspirational, authentic and values-driven leader.  It is not about leadership skills, it goes dipper to the level of values and beliefs.

As a leader, do you know what your leadership style is? Do you know how high your entropy (wasted energy) level is? Do you know how you contribute to the success of your organization?

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