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Which Values drive your choices and decisions?

Coaching individual clients or running workshops I love using visual tools, like these Values cards. Having the cards spread out on the table and inviting people to choose the values that are most important to them at a current stage of life or career, opens up a deep conversation leading to profound realisations.

Becoming aware of your core values provides clarity on motivations and decision making. Values-based decision making cleans up the space in mind and simplifies dilemmas we often torture ourselves with when needing to decide “to go or to stay”, “to risk or to play safe”, “to be or not to be”.

Most of us cannot even imagine what a big role our values and attached to them beliefs play in how we see the world, how we act and how we communicate. We think that we reached that stage in life when meaning and fulfillment is important, but instead of going for them we kept being anchored to a shore of safety and security. We dare for trust and connection but chose status and power instead. We wish for creativity and innovation, still being afraid of making mistakes and losing control.

So, what are the values which drive our decisions and choices? How can we uncover our true motivators and learn to act consciously? Alongside with Values cards I use Individual Values Assessment tool from Barrett Values Centre, which in combination with coaching provides profound results. You can learn more about Values Assessment tools here

If you are much in self-development I also can offer some tools which can be used without my assistance and will definitely increase your self-awareness and give some good first touch with your world of values. You can find them here

If you want to go further and deeper, I will be happy to support. Just get in touch.

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